Factil Information Modeling Platform

We help businesses to take a model-driven approach to tackle the complexity of information modeling and data integration in relational, data warehouse and NoSQL data environments.

With our platform, the enterprise business information model is defined in an easily understood, controlled natural language.  From the business information model, the platform can generate well-structured data schemas in a number of forms, transformation code between these forms, and associated artefacts such as business glossaries and data dictionaries.

The platform provides:

  • Web-based Business Information Model editor
  • Automated¬†model inference from from source metadata
  • Automated schema generation to relational, staging and data vault forms
  • Automated transformation code generation from application to staging, staging to raw data vault and raw data vault to business data vault schemas
  • Automated documentation generation including Business Glossary, Logical Data Model and export to ER modeling tools
  • Available as on-premises installation or hosted service
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