Factil is a software and consulting business committed to helping organisations with complex data integration challenges to model their business information and to automatically generate code and documentation across relational, data warehouse and NoSQL data environments.

Factil is a world leader in Fact Based Modeling.  Our core team consists of Graeme Port and Clifford Heath, who both have three+ decades experience developing and delivering major enterprise solutions.  They are both leading researchers in Fact-Based Modeling and are active participants in the international FBM Working Group.

In 2017, Factil won a highly-coveted Australian Government BRII grant to develop an information sharing system proof of concept for information sharing between child protection agencies.



Dr. Graeme Port has been an innovator and leader in enterprise software product development and systems deployment for over 30 years.  Graeme was co-founder, head of engineering and CTO at ManageSoft, which built market-leading products in application development, application deployment and business intelligence.  Graeme received his PhD from the University of Melbourne.


Clifford Heath is a software innovator, toolmaker, product architect and designer. Clifford is a leading Fact-based Modeling expert, the inventor of the CQL language and the architect behind the Factil system. Clifford has applied Fact-based Modeling approaches to a wide range of systems development and data integration environments that have all contributed to the completeness of the Factil approach.

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