Welcome to Infinuendo! - 19 Feb 2015

Infinuendo is a software and consulting business committed to helping customers unravel the complexity of their data and reveal its meaning. Infinuendo’s unique capabilities for data model specification and agile data discovery delivers flexible and coordinated data management for big data environments.

Keep coming back to the Infinuendo to see how we are developing the most advanced solution to the problem of “Big Data spaghetti” by:

  • Using a data modeling language that is highly expressive, based on business terminology and usage, and easily understood by domain experts.
  • Accelerates Big Data agility by allowing direct data discovery and maintaining semantic stability to minimize the impact of change.
  • Provides governance of the Big Data environment through data lineage management, automated impact analysis and automated monitoring for unplanned changes.
  • Advanced collaboration tools for data model version management, enterprise glossary, and integrated merge capability and discussion forums.
Graeme Port