Infinuendo to present at DAMA Canberra – 29 November 2016

Infinuendo will be presenting a talk at the DAMA Canberra meeting on 29 November 2016.

Graeme Port will be be speaking on the topic of “Data Modeling – the foundation of effective Data Management“.

Full details can be found here.

Here is the abstract of the talk:

Data Management is of critical concern to the Australian Federal Government. The Government has shown its commitment to transforming digital delivery and developing data skills and capability, though a wide range of initiatives and measures. These include the Australian Government Public Data Policy Statement and the recently announced APS Data Skills and Capability Framework.

Within data management, Data Modeling is concerned with discovering, analysing, and documenting the concepts, relationships, constraints and operations on data. The data model provides:

  • the core vocabulary for communication between business and IT regarding the structure and semantics of data,
  • the foundation all data management disciplines including data governance, data architecture, database development (relational and NoSQL), data integration, data warehousing and data quality, and
  • the essential meta-data for sharing and using data within an organisation, for managing the data received by an organisation, and for making open data useful.

To get the data right, business needs to understand and verify data models as much as IT. To truly understand the capabilities and limits of a BI system, you need to have at least a rudimentary concept of the way your data is structured, from a conceptual viewpoint. The same applies to anyone attempting to work with Open Data.

Today, for many data projects, appropriate data modeling is carried out too late in a project or as an afterthought. We will present an alternative approach, where data modeling is first carried out at the requirements stage of the project, and provides benefits to stakeholder engagement, building a system fit-for-purpose, and commercial arrangements for later stages. This approach uses an advanced form of data modeling that delivers useful artefacts from the requirements stage through to implementation.

DAMA is the world-wide leading organisation of data management professionals. Data Modeling is one of the key functions of the DAMA Data Management Body of Knowledge. The DAMA Canberra Branch is sponsoring Steve Hoberman, one of leading educators in the world to Canberra in February 2017 to present his Data Modeling Master Class, and Advanced Data Modeling Challenges Workshop.

Graeme Port