Factil to conduct feasibility study for improving child safety - 28 Mar 2017

We are very pleased to announce that Factil has been awarded a grant to conduct a Feasibility Study for sharing information nationally to ensure child safety.  The grant was awarded through the Australian Government Business Research Innovation Initiative (BRII). The BRII programme set five challenges, sourced from Australian government departments, to solve problems that do not have current commercial solutions.  Factil was successful in a competitive process to obtain a feasibility study grant for the problem of sharing information between state- and territory-based community service agencies for matching and sharing information about children at risk and persons of interest so as to ensure child safety.

Factil’s feasibility study proposal was based on our world-leading technology and capability for information modeling, data integration and application development automation.  The feasibility study will focus on four areas of technical risk for the project:

  • Information security and sharing in compliance to Australian security and privacy legislation
  • Data extraction, matching and integration from Agency Systems
  • Agency application UI integration and ease of use
  • Accessibility in low-internet areas

The proposed solution will be scalable, provide a seamless experience to the users of existing systems, and demonstrate the cutting edge information modelling and data integration processes and technology developed by Factil.

Subject to a successful feasibility study, a Proof of Concept (POC) system will be developed to demonstrate how the solution will be used to facilitate information sharing between state- and territory-based community service agencies.  When complete, the solution will significantly limit the danger faced by vulnerable children by providing and secure, scalable and easy to use mechanism to share relevant child safety information nationally.

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Graeme Port