We help businesses to take a model-driven approach to tackle the complexity of information modeling and data integration in relational and non-relational data management environments.

Model-driven Approach

Factil has developed a web-based collaborative information modeling platform to support developing and sharing models within and between organisations. From this platform, modellers can generate schema code and design artefacts, flexibly handle the integration of data from structured and semi-structured data sources, specify transformation logic expressed directly in vocabulary of the model, and automatically generate transformation code for the full length of the information supply chain.


  • Information Model expressed in concise, precise business language.
  • Readily understood and verified by domain experts.
  • Common core with business rules language (SBVR).


  • Automated schema generation to database/data warehouse forms.
  • Automated documentation generation and export to ER modeling tools.
  • Automated API generation for application development.


  • Automated¬†model inference from source metadata.
  • Modeling flexibly handles structured and semi-structured data.
  • Transformation logic expressed directly in vocabulary of the model.


  • Automated transformation code generation for full length of information supply chain.
  • Supports data warehouse, Big Data and Open Data environments.

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