Here are links to a number of resources describing Factil’s vision and offering.

Introduction to FIML

Fact-based Information Modeling Language (FIML) is the central component of Factil’s data modeling approach and technologies.  Read this article to learn about the language and see some examples.

Fact-Based Modeling and Data Vault

There is a strong conceptual overlap between Fact-Based Modeling and the Data Vault data warehouse modeling.  Read this article to learn how they overlap and the practical results that can be achieved for Data Vault schema generation from a fact-based model.

Fact-Based Modeling for Data Vault: AdventureWorks example

This article provides links to an example of developing a Fact-Based Model for the AdventureWorks database, using the Active Facts Data Vault composition to generate a Data Vault schema, and comparing the generated schema to published schemas from Dan Linstedt.

Model-driven Enterprise Data Architecture

Factil introduces an Enterprise Data Architecture based on using a consistent and semantically-rich conceptual model to generate the schemas to be used in the architecture’s Data Hub, Data Warehouse and Data Marts.  Read this article to learn how Fact-Based Modeling is an ideal approach for generating well-formed, consistent 3NF, Data Vault and Dimensional schemas in this Enterprise Data Architecture.

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