Advanced solutions for information modeling and data integration

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Data might be the new oil, but most data is locked up in data silos

  • Modelled differently
  • Encoded differently
  • Difficult to match records

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Factil has developed advanced solutions for:

  • Modeling information in a business-oriented language
  • Matching records by machine learning
  • Building 360° view of customer/citizen

What we do

We help businesses to take a model-driven approach to tackle the complexity of information modeling and data integration.

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  • Information Model expressed in concise, precise business language.
  • Readily understood and verified by domain experts.
  • Common core with business rules language (SBVR).

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  • Automated schema generation to database/data warehouse forms.
  • Automated documentation generation and export to ER modeling tools.
  • Automated API generation for application development.

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  • Machine learning record matching.
  • Probabilistic record matching.
  • Partial match queries over relationship data.

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  • Transformation logic expressed directly in vocabulary of the model.
  • Automated transformation code generation for full length of information supply chain.
  • Supports data warehouse, including Data Vault

Why Factil?We are experts in AI powered entity resolution.

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