Factil to present at Data Modeling Zone Canberra20 November 2017

Factil will be exhibiting and presenting a talk at the Data Modeling Zone Conference in Canberra, Australia, 5 and 6 March 2018.

Graeme Port will be be speaking on the topic of “Fact-Based Data Integration: Matching and Transformation“.

Here is the abstract of the talk:

A modern data architecture manages data in many different forms including normalized, non-relational, semi-structured, data warehouse, and dimensional data. The variety of forms and the differences in structure and semantics between sources of data means that data integration is a complex and costly aspect of any modern data environment.

Data integration faces two key challenges: matching records from different sources corresponding to the same real-world entity, and transforming the associated data so that the combined information is meaningful.

Previously we have shown that Fact-Based Modeling can be used as a unified modeling approach for defining the data structure and semantics across all these different forms. In this talk we will focus on showing that a fact-based integration language can be tightly coupled with a data matching system, and used to automatically generate transformation code for moving data through the information supply chain.

We will apply this approach in two scenarios:

  • a Data Vault data warehouse environment, and
  • a project for sharing information nationally for child safety

We will show that automated integration code generation from a fact-based integration language reduces cost, contains fewer errors, and supports change and agility.

Our approach can be used to generate code directly, or as a conceptual front-end to traditional data management tools.