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Factil to conduct feasibility study for digital identity verification

We are very pleased to announce that Factil has been awarded a grant to conduct a Feasibility Study for digital identity verification for people experiencing family and domestic violence. The grant was awarded through the Australian Government Business Research Innovation Initiative (BRII).

The Department of Human Services receives over 30,000 Family and Domestic Violence (FDV) applications every year. Currently, it can take a number of weeks to process some payment claims, which can cause financial stress and potentially restrict options for people who are living with domestic violence. The delayed processing can be due to difficulties in confirming the customers' identity. People escaping violence often do not have access to the primary and secondary documentation normally required to establish their identity.

The aim of this feasibility study to investigate the challenges and to propoose a solution for fast and secure digital identity verification for people experiencing family and domestic violence.

Factil's feasibility study proposal was based on our world-leading technology and capability for information modeling, data integration and application development automation. The feasibility study will focus on three areas of technical risk for the project:

  • Establish and verify digital identity for customers with minimal / no identity documents
  • Verifying and authenticating customers with some or all identity documents
  • Information security, privacy and consent

Subject to a successful feasibility study, a Proof of Concept (POC) system will be developed to demonstrate how the solution will be used to practice.

For more about the BRI program, please visit: BRII Round 2 Grant Recipients

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